Use of Mobile Data Services Hampered By Poor User Experiences, Survey Says

Aug 02, 2005

Macromedia has announced findings of a new consumer survey conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of Macromedia. The poll confirms that more than 8 out of 10 U.S. adults currently own a cell phone, but a combination of factors relating to consumer experience, including download speeds, confusing menu interfaces, poor graphics quality, and lack of relevant information, serve as barriers to increased use of data services.

The survey reports that, in addition to making and receiving calls, the most common cell phone activities include: using the calendar and address book (42%), downloading or playing games (33%), and downloading ringtones (32%). Among the least common uses is accessing online information services (21%). Consumer experience factors that prevent consumers from doing more with their cell phones include: connecting to network-based services is too slow (22%), menu options are not consumer-friendly (19%), and quality of graphics is too poor (13%). In addition, more than one quarter of U.S. adults polled (27%) claim that the information available from their cell phones is not useful for their day-to-day activities. Among those surveyed, 53% of U.S. adults would access traffic updates on their phones if the service were available, 42% would use their cell phones to participate in emergency responses such as Amber Alerts or SMS support of emergency responses, and 34% would access information about city events, restaurants, entertainment. Further illustrating how the cell phone has become an integral part of consumers' lives, 42% of adults said that they would not go on vacation without a cell phone, compared with only 24% who said that would not go on vacation without a camera.