Upworthy Raises $8 Million in Funding

Sep 17, 2013

It was 18 months ago that Upworthy launched to bring smart, informative, and uplifting viral videos to the masses. Now, the site is receiving $8 million in funding from Spark Capital, Catamount Ventures, Uprising, and the Knight Foundation.

Interestingly, the investors include companies focused on boosting very different missions. From the tech-focused Spark Capital to the journalism focused Knight and the mission-driven Catamount, Upworthy is attracting a wide variety of investors. This is, in part, because of its relatively unique platform. As it says in the blog post that announced the funding:

"We certainly wanted to believe that we could help gay marriage and racial discrimination and bank regulation win out over the frivolous stuff we all find ourselves drawn to sometimes - but we really weren't sure.

Then, people like you started showing up. A million the first month, 2 million the next, 10 million in Month 10, and then 30 million three months later. Close to 5 million of you are subscribed to get Upworthy on a daily basis. And these days, more people come to Upworthy each month than visit People.com, Entertainment Weekly, or TMZ."