UpdateZen Launches Application with 30-Day Free Trial

Mar 16, 2015

UpdateZen, a mobile-first status reporting solution, provides CEOs, executives and business owners a way to stay updated on the key things their people are working on. UpdateZen says it significantly reduces information overload for these executives. UpdateZen has launched and is offering a free 30-day trial to new users.

The application aims to reduce the amount of non-critical information executives and team leaders routinely receive, and presents them only what they need to know. The simple interface consolidates all project updates and presents them in one easy place. A team leader can view all of his or her team members, as well as each project the team member is responsible for.

Team leaders can sort through updates by team member, by project, or only view projects with new updates. UpdateZen caps each update at 250 characters so that only what is absolutely essential is communicated, and busy executives can avoid lengthy email threads, chat boxes, cumbersome shared spreadsheets, and weekly status reports.