University of Michigan and IBM Collaborate on DAM for Higher Education

Nov 11, 2003


The University of Michigan has selected IBM to collaborate on a digital asset management system in the Living Laboratory of the university's Media Union. The two are working to build a university classroom where faculty and students find and use audio, video, animation, and other rich media, as easily as they draw on text materials.

The project, termed DAMS (The Digital Asset Management System) by the university, is intended to make the university's stores of digital content (video, images, film, etc.) easier to find and use. Examples of expected results from the university's digital infrastructure include: more life-like tools to study anatomy, better pictures of earthquake dynamics, and more facile tools for teaching theater expression.

Several projects are already underway including: the School of Dentistry making video demonstrations of dental procedures available online giving dental students instant and repeated reference to a procedure, such as teeth cleaning, as they practice in the school's simulation laboratory. The School of Business creating online video modules of senior faculty delivering lectures on specific core concepts. Students will view the lectures, as needed, to prepare for classes, thus preserving precious class time for higher level activities. The School of Literature, Science, and the Arts beginning to digitize and post online a history of art collections, making it more convenient to search and deliver these artifacts to classroom, desktop, and class Web sites.

The project is now housed in the "Living Laboratory," located in the university's Media Union Digital Tools Lab, a specialized environment for information technology experimentation. The project uses IBM's DB2 Content Management software and other software solutions, including IBM business partner Ancept, Inc, and focuses on the access, manipulation, and control of video, audio, images, and other digital content in a learning environment.

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