University Of Auckland Selects Encompass

Dec 17, 2002

Endeavor Information Systems and has announced the selection of ENCompass, Endeavor's digital management, organization, and linking tool for the University of Auckland's University Library. ENCompass will provide resource management and discovery options to accompany the Library's July purchase of the LinkFinderPlus advanced linking system and 1998 purchase of the Voyager integrated library management system. The library will employ ENCompass at several levels. ENCompass will enhance LEARN, the library's online gateway to over 350 databases, 13,000+ ebooks, and 55, 000+ ejournals and the Voyager catalog. LEARN consists of an estimated 5,000 Web pages and is not always intuitive to resource discovery because of the increasingly long Web pages of bulleted information. The Library recognized the need for a better way for students and staff to find and use electronic resources. ENCompass is intended to be a search engine to underpin LEARN. The library aims to roll out ENCompass in phases with the initial federated search functionality available for use in the first semester of the 2003 school year.