Unisys Announces Two Solutions for the Communications and Media Industry

Jun 13, 2003

Unisys Corporation has announced two solutions based on its the Unisys Business Blueprinting initiative for the communications and media industries: Messaging Revenue Plus Solution for communications providers and Media Industry Solutions for media companies.

Communication providers are facing competition from a variety of new sources, including mobile/wireless carriers, ISPs, cable companies, and smaller messaging service providers that offer interesting IP-based solutions. It is critical for carriers to be able to deploy innovative, unique solutions in order to continue to compete. Unisys Messaging Revenue Plus Solution features an open services platform that provides the basis for fast-cycle, lower-cost, reusable deployment of custom solutions that deliver more revenue. This next-generation messaging solution comprises a modular, open architecture and process framework that integrates leading unified communication platform components. The solution includes order, provisioning and billing processes that interface and interact with the communication platform.

Media companies also face many challenges in today's marketplace with consolidation within the media industry occurring at two levels. The first is based on companies leveraging the emergence of new technologies to expand their distribution options. The second is the merging of major brands and enterprises under one conglomerate. Unisys Media Solutions address these market trends. Media Solutions allows media companies to consolidate their newsroom activities and organizational structures around the three basic phases of a media asset's lifecycle--creation, production and distribution--rather than around application software or distribution channels.