Unicorn Media and Apptelic Limited Partner to Provide Monetized Video Solutions

May 16, 2013

Unicorn Media, a provider of internet video solutions that allow publishers to dynamically serve video ads to IP-enabled devices, and Apptelic Ltd., a UK-based company that specialize in streaming video media app and player development, announced a partnership. The companies are working together to provide monetization and video solutions to media organizations by integrating Unicorn Media's patented Unicorn Once technology with Apptelic's video player for Windows platforms.

Unicorn Once, is server-side technology which enables publishers and broadcasters to deliver and monetize live or video-on-demand (VOD) content to any internet-connected device via a single URL. The service allows for the ability to deliver targeted ads, inserted anywhere in the stream from the cloud, without the need for any client-side software, SDK, or plug-in.

Apptelic Limited provides a video player for Windows platforms, allowing television networks and broadcasters to monetize video apps using a player that is integrated with Unicorn Media's single URL delivery and monetization solutions.

(unicornmedia.com, apptelic.com)