Unicorn Announces OnceUX

Jan 29, 2013

Unicorn Media, provider of internet video solutions that allow publishers to dynamically serve video ads to IP-enabled devices, announced the release of a new technology that combines a comprehensive server-side solution with a rich client-side user experience: Unicorn OnceUX. This enables publishers to deliver interactive ad capabilities and a rich UI from the client side while allowing dynamic server-side ad insertion and continuous playback, providing new monetization opportunities through expanded ad units and pay-per-click models.

OnceUX includes the ability to incorporate interactive ads, insert ad overlays in video streams, hide player controls to prevent fast-forwarding through ads, and much more. Geared toward applications and HTML5 content structures, OnceUX eliminates the need for third-party SDKs to manage click-through campaigns and delivers an optimal user experience by eliminating third-party interface delays.

Like all Unicorn Once technologies, OnceUX provides real-time analytics on video and ad performance, delivers business intelligence, and supports mid-roll ad insertion in long-form content, making it possible for ad operations to deliver custom ads to users based on current inventory on any device.