Unbounce and Taboola Announce Strategic Partnership

Sep 20, 2018

Taboola, a discovery platform, announced a strategic partnership with Unbounce, a landing page and conversion platform for marketers and agencies. Marketing partners of Taboola will now have access to the Unbounce Landing Page Analyzer, allowing them to improve landing pages, convert more traffic, and optimize campaigns.

The Unbounce Analyzer Integration Program, which launched in May 2018 and leverages AI technology and proven landing page best practices, will provide Taboola’s brand marketer clients with comprehensive reports on the performance of their landing pages and recommendations for improvement at no cost. Marketers will be able to optimize for several key performance categories including page speed, mobile experience, SEO, copy sentiment, industry benchmarks, conversion-centered design, and trust and security to convert more traffic.

The partnership is an extension of Taboola’s Self Service platform, which grew to $100 million run rate in its first year, and comes on the heels of Taboola’s recent partnership with HubSpot to turn on content discovery for over 40,000 marketers. Taboola’s self-service platform offers cost-efficient and scalable solutions to marketers allowing them to reach 1.4B users globally outside of search and social, placing relevant recommendations on some of the most premium publishers in the world, and carrying high editorial value and brand safety.

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