Chooses TACODA for Ad Program

Sep 12, 2003

BEST PRACTICES SERIES, has announced a new program for online advertisers designed to offer flexible, real-time segmentation of its audience. The program uses TACODA Systems' Audience Management System to combine demographic and behavioral user data to help advertisers more efficiently and effectively target segments of's audience as defined by their advertisers. Using gender, household income, and zip code in conjunction with recent behavioral activity on the site, has created seven pre-packaged segments of its readers. There are five categories based on the behavior a customer exhibits while reading Bulls and Bears (Self-directed Investors), Lookers and Bookers (Travelers), Armchair Athletes (Male Sports Fans), E-fluentials (Technology Early Adopters), Tire-Kickers (Auto buyers); and 2 demographic categories based on self-reported data: Women and Affluent Households.