USA TODAY Releases Two New APIs

Mar 17, 2011

In further SXSW news, USA TODAY announced two new APIs at the Austin-based event. The APIs let developers construct custom feeds of USA TODAY's music, movie, and book reviews going back as far as 2004, and can also provide access to a customized feed of USA TODAY Snapshots, easy-to-read statistical graphics that present information on different issues and trends. The USA TODAY Developer Network, which can be found at, provides the publication's APIs, as well as a community for developer to build new applications for the web and other digital platforms.

In addition to the two APIs just now being added, USA TODAY already has three other APIs currently available on its developer portal. The USA TODAY Articles API allows developers to construct their own custom feeds for USA TODAY stories going back to 2004. The USA TODAY Best-Selling Books API allows developers to retrieve information about the publication's bestseller lists. Lastly, the Professional Sports Salaries API offers detailed data from USA TODAY's sports salaries database dating back more than 20 years, and includes info from numerous sports associations, including MLB, NBA, NFL and NHL.