U.S. Robotics Chooses iPhrase One Step

May 13, 2003

iPhrase Technologies, Inc., a provider of self-service search and navigation software, has announced that its One Step natural language search and navigation platform has been chosen to power the overall search functions for Internet access products provider, U.S. Robotics. U.S. Robotics launched iPhrase's One Step search and navigation solution on its corporate Web site, to help customers find the products and information they need in one step. iPhrase's self-service search and navigation offering will help U.S. Robotics enhance the online customer experience and reduce services costs by lowering the number of calls and emails into the company's call center. One Step will provide access to a wealth of information about the company and its product lines. One Step features include support for diverse user expression, high level of relevancy, dynamic presentation of results, access to all data and documents, and in-depth analytics Customers using iPhrase One Step on the U.S. Robotics Web site will be able to type in questions in natural language and will be presented with the answer in an easy-to-read format.

(http://www.iphrase.com), (http://www.usr.com)