US Ranks Behind Russia, Mexico, Brazil, Taiwan, Germany, Canada and More for App Response Time

Aug 01, 2017


PacketZoom, which provides in-app mobile networking technology, published its Q2 Mobile Observatory and Benchmarks Report. Based on data from the PacketZoom Analytics Platform, the company found that The Netherlands shows the fastest response time for mobile apps, followed by the United Kingdom, France, and Taiwan. The United States was ranked 13th among leading countries, with an average response time of 458 milliseconds, only slightly better than the global average of 438 milliseconds.

PacketZoom’s study leverages data from end user devices, presenting a more accurate portrayal of app performance. Key findings from PacketZoom’s Q2 Mobile Observatory and Benchmarks Report include:

Response Times for Mobile Apps

PacketZoom measured the weighted average response time for content to travel round-trip across all network types, as experienced by mobile end users over cellular and WiFi networks.

  • The average response time worldwide was 438 milliseconds.
  • The Netherlands (206 milliseconds), United Kingdom (231 milliseconds) and France (293 milliseconds) had the fastest app response times of all countries studied.
  • The United States was in the middle of the pack for response time -- at 458 milliseconds, it fell slightly below global benchmarks.
  • Argentina, India and Indonesia were among the slowest countries in the industrialized world, showing response times of 812, 806 and 663 milliseconds, respectively.

Disconnection Rates for Mobile Apps 

Disconnections -- when a network session is dropped by the network or carrier -- are highly disruptive to the end user experience. Disconnections may be caused by many factors, such as driving through a tunnel, moving to a different network type, and other types of network discontinuities.

  • The average percentage of mobile app sessions that are impacted by network disconnections worldwide is 7.9%.
  • Japan, where only 3.5% of app sessions are impacted by network disconnections, has the most reliable networks. The Netherlands (4.2% of app sessions impacted by disconnections), Canada (5.0%), Taiwan (5.0%), and the United States (5.6%) were also well above global averages.
  • The least reliable countries in terms of network disconnections are Russia (13.3%) and Indonesia (12.1%).