U.S. Army National Ground Intelligence Center Expands Use Of Verity Software

Jul 11, 2003

Verity Inc., provider of enterprise software, has announced that the U.S. Army National Ground Intelligence Center (NGIC) has expanded the use of Verity K2 Enterprise (K2E) software across the entire organization. The NGIC, a part of the Army Intelligence & Security Command, analyzes scientific and technical information, as well as general military intelligence, on ground forces outside the U.S. Verity K2E is used to organize and search large amount of structured and unstructured information that resides in the NGIC content repositories. In addition to extending the use of K2E, NGIC has implemented new knowledge management capabilities including Verity's parametric selection, Profiler, and Locales technologies. Verity's parametric selection allows users to refine search results by drilling down into categories. Verity Profiler enhances the relevance of search results by classifying new and modified documents against a large number of classification profiles in real time. Verity K2E's Locales capability permits search of content in multiple languages. The scalability of Verity K2E was a factor in NGIC's selection criteria for enterprise-wide deployment. There was an interest at NGIC to offer secure access to its repositories to other federal agencies with comparable missions. Verity K2E's brokered architecture permits data to be shared between authorized federal agencies without the need to integrate new software or hardware systems.