U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Chooses Groove Networks

Sep 03, 2004

Groove Networks Inc. has announced that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) has signed a $4.1 million multi-year contract for Groove Virtual Office software as a component of the organization's Knowledge Management Environment, which is an element of the Corps' transition to a "learning organization." The Corps' strategic plan for success in the 21st century, USACE 2012, describes the company's knowledge management portal and learning network as critical to the organization's goal of becoming a "team of teams." The Corps will rely on cross-functional teams to accomplish its mission of being the world's premier public engineering organization responding to U.S. needs in peace and war.

The Corps plans to create a common operating environment that promotes the sharing of knowledge and expertise among the organization's various divisions, and with its partners. The common operating environment is critical to the organization's objective of developing standardized project management processes, and to its goal of better supporting Communities of Practice (CoPs) and virtual teams. The Corps' common operating environment is based on industry standards and knowledge management best practices. The Corps intends to tightly integrate Groove software for virtual teaming and Tomoye Simplify for CoPs. Groove Virtual Office allows USACE staff and their external partners to work together securely over a network as if they were in the same physical location, while maintaining IT control over infrastructure, standards, usage and intellectual property.

Groove Virtual Office will be used by the Corps to support field operations and virtual teams that require the software's ability to support secure, mobile, cross-organization communication and collaboration. Target work environments include corporate-level program asset management; regional watershed and installation management; protection of Corps civil and military critical infrastructure; integrated emergency management and homeland security; global disaster relief; methods for data exchange with government and industry partners; and support for one-stop access for Corps public information.