UNITY Platform Deploys MarkLogic Solutions

Mar 10, 2011

MarkLogic Corporation announced that its database is now being used to help power the content platform of Zinio, which according to the company is the world's largest digital newsstand. Zinio, allows consumers to get instant access, search, and organization for millions of digital news and entertainment articles. According to the companies, MarkLogic was selected because of its ability to scale to large datasets, as well as the ability to rapidly perform searches.

Zinio is using MarkLogic for a mobile application that manages content aggregation from a common repository that can be delivered to any device. It manages and delivers all XML published content and information that flows from Zinio's content platform. MarkLogicis also being used to drive the Zinio mobile search engine and create intelligent connections to all available publications.

You can read more about the UNITY Platform in this recent EContent blog post.

(www.marklogic.com, www.zinio.com)