UK Web Designers to Launch Search Engine

Mar 10, 2006

Brendan Ellis and Craig Dent are aiming to launch a search engine off the back of the publicity surrounding the global internet pixel phenomenon. Advertiser ranking in the search results will ultimately be determined by customers who use the new 'streamlined and selective' search engine, not by a computer algorithm that can misrepresent results. Potential listings will be screened and vetted geographically by a team of existing global editors.

The official Web site launch is March 17. All current revenue is from ‘preorders,' which include an offer to potential advertisers of a 90-day trial period where they can test the concept for only 10% of the full price. The current $27,000 worth of space equates to $2,700 of received revenue and a $24,300 balance in May if the advertisers are here to stay. The primary country section editors are now in place and the aim is to introduce the search engine in May of this year.

Space can be bought and sold on the dynamic launch site, like virtual real estate. Advertisers can assign a value to their space and can receive offers, in effect selling if the ‘cash offer' outweighs the ‘traffic value'.