UK Trade Publishers Say 2012 Will Be Major Year for Ebooks

Mar 24, 2011

New research released by Publishing Technology at BML's annual Books & Consumers Conference found that a third of UK trade publishers surveyed predict that over 10% of their total book revenue will come from ebooks by 2012. The research project was conducted by BML and aimed to survey a selection of hand-picked senior executives at top publishers in the UK publishing industry.

The research showed that one in four UK academic publishers were already seeing 10% of their total book revenue coming from ebooks in 2011, with double that predicting they would be at that point in 2012. The research follows an earlier research project in 2001, also conducted on behalf of Publishing Technology (then VISTA), and provides a comparison on the pace of change in publishing. The research also showed that 66% of all publishers surveyed thought ebooks were not displacing sales in other formats, but could actually lead to an expansion of the overall market.

Other key findings of the report were that publishers are optimistic about retaining their place in a digital world, with just 14% thinking ebooks would take book publishing out of the control of conventional publishers. 81% also think that the majority of new books they publish will be available in both electronic and print by 2016.

The rest of the results are available at