UIEvolution, Inc. Closes $6 M First Round of $10 M Series B Financing Extension

Jan 20, 2004

UIEvolution, Inc., a wireless software company, has closed $6 million in the first round of a committed $10 million extension Series B financing led by Square Enix U.S.A., a developer, publisher, and distributor of entertainment content. Other participating investors include Inspire Corporation and existing preferred investor Ignition Partners. UIEvolution expects to complete the Series B extension by March, making the total amount raised by UIEvolution $20 million since it was founded in August 2000. The funds are slated for increased sales and marketing efforts in North America, Europe, and Asia as well as further development of UIEvolution's software suite.

UIEvolution is a privately held Bellevue, Washington-based software company that delivers software technology, development tools, and core applications to simplify the wireless application development and deployment process. UIEvolution's software approach to cross-platform, cross-device client-sever application development and deployment is intended to enable customers to deliver a data-rich, dynamic, interactive user experience across BREW, J2ME/MIDP, J2ME/DOJA, MS Smart Phone, MS Pocket PC, PalmOS, MS Windows, i-Tron, VxWorks, Symbian, SPOT, Danger, and Gameboy platforms used by OEMs. The complete UIEngine client-server solution includes the light UIE Player; the scalable UIE Server; and the intuitive UIE SDK.

(http://www.ignitionpartners.com), (http://www.square-enix-usa.com), (http://www.uievolution.com)