UBM Acquires OBGYN.net

Oct 19, 2010

United Business Media Ltd. (UBM) acquired OBGYN.net and related properties and assets from Medispeciality.com, Inc. for a total of $0.8 million. This acquisition expands UBM's network of sites aimed at medical professionals and gives the organization access to an audience of online healthcare readers, which UBM reports are in-demand for advertisers. OBGYN.net's audience is composed largely of obstetrics and gynecology professionals, and access to this audience will allow UBM to market products to digital agencies and pharmaceutical companies looking to reach these professionals.

OBGYN.net is a women's health website for obstetrics and gynaecology professionals and consumers. The site has a registered population of approximately 140,000 and attracts more than 500,000 unique visitors per month.

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(www.ubm.com; www.obgyn.net)