TynTec Launches Secure SMS Solution for Financial Sector

Aug 22, 2006

TynTec, an SMS operator, has announced the launch of a new solution for secure, scalable, and reliable SMS delivery for the financial services sector. The new Banking Grade SMS solution uses TynTec's technology infrastructure to enable banks to send customers' information via SMS. This means financial institutions are able to distribute account information such as balance statements, overdraft alerts, transaction notifications, and authentication information for services such as online banking through a secure mobile interface.

The Banking Grade SMS solution allows for the delivery of every SMS within 15 seconds to any one of 340 networks in 140 countries worldwide. TynTec is able to offer financial institutions adherence to strict Service Level Agreements (SLAs) on high-volume SMS delivery through its deep-level (SS7) access to the global telecoms infrastructure and its SMS Center. The solution can also integrate with a range of back-end systems such as CRM and ERP, meaning that it can work alongside bank's existing systems.