Twitter to Target Users with Interest-Based Ads

Sep 04, 2012

If you were hiding from Facebook's ads by spending your social media time on Twitter, you will soon have to find a new safe haven. According to Reuters, Twitter will soon allow advertisers to target Tweeters based on information revealed in their Tweets.

Advertisers will be able to send paid ads (which will look like Tweets) to users whose activity reveals an interest in the topics on a Twitter-controlled list of about 350 topics. According to Reuters, "Between 1 and 3 percent of users who see a "promoted tweet" -- a paid ad -- click on the tweet in some way. But early beta tests have shown the engagement rate to be higher when tweets are directed using its new interest-targeting tool, Weil said, while declining to discuss specific results."


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Twitter has been on an announcement spree lately. Most recently, Twitter said it would expand the Discover tab. Twitter added the tab last December, billing it as a place where users could go to find tweets that were relevant to them. Now, according to a blog post, "when you visit the Discover tab on, you'll see a continuous stream of Tweets, which automatically expand to show you the most relevant stories and most engaging photos."