Twitter Quickly Changes Course on Block Settings

Dec 13, 2013


Many social networks just ignore the protestations of their users when changes to the layout or privacy settings enrage the masses. But when Twitter decided to change its block feature, the outcry from users was heard, and quickly responded to. The change would keep a user from seeing the activity of a user they had blocked -- but would not keep the blocked user from seeing the activity of the person who had blocked them.

The change was problematic to say the least. According to Yahoo, "Reasoning given by Twitter for the change included mitigating rage of people who learn they are blocked and the reality that public posts at the globally popular one-to-many text messaging service are just that, public." But by the end of the day Twitter had reversed the change, citing user feedback as the source of their decision, apparently based largely on the concerns of those who are afraid of being harassed by stalkers and abusers.