Twitter Expands Discover Tab

Oct 01, 2012

Twitter has been on an announcement spree lately. Most recently, Twitter said it would expand the Discover tab. Twitter added the tab last December, billing it as a place where users could go to find tweets that were relevant to them. Now, according to a blog post, "when you visit the Discover tab on, you'll see a continuous stream of Tweets, which automatically expand to show you the most relevant stories and most engaging photos."

As CNET pointed out, the success of this latest update depends on Twitter's ability to actually anticipate what it is each user will find interesting based on the information it can gather.


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Facebook's biggest critics often point to a weak mobile strategy, and the critics got a boost when eMarketer reported that Twitter topped Facebook in mobile ad sales game. Of course, the year isn't over and so the eMarketer figures are just projections but it estimates Facebook's mobile ad sales at $72.7 million for 2012, with Twitter coming in at $226.4 million.
Twitter has apparently learned nothing from Facebook's missteps when it comes to user profile designs. Every time Facebook changes its profiles, users turn to social media to gripe about every little thing, and now Twitter is updating its look with what some are a calling a Facebook-like emphasis on profiles.