Twitter Ends Support for TweetDeck AIR, iPhone, and Android

Mar 05, 2013

On Monday, Twitter announced it was going to concentrate its efforts on developing its web-based apps - which will likely be no surprise to anyone who has tried to use its mobile apps. The apps will be moved from the app marketplace in early May.

Of its web-apps Twitter says:

"Over the past 18 months, we've been focused on building a fast and feature-rich web application for modern browsers, and a Chrome app, which offers some unique features like notifications... Our weekly web releases have been possible because we've nearly doubled the size of the TweetDeck team over the past six months (and we're still hiring)."

Twitter also says that this move reflects the movements of TweetDecks' users, saying that power-users are flocking to the web-apps. The mobile apps also rely on the first version of Twitter's API, which it says it will retire this month.