Twitter Apologizes for Suspending Account

Aug 02, 2012

While criticism of Olympic coverage is nothing new, UK journalist Guy Adams has been especially hard on NBC's coverage and used Twitter as the outlet. In one tweet, Adams posted the corporate email address of Gary Zenkel, president of NBC Olympics, so followers could email him with their displeasure.  Adams later found that his Twitter account had been suspended.

According to GigaOM, Twitter's general counsel has apologized, via blog post, for suspending the Twitter account of the journalist because a corporate email address does not violate the company's terms of use.

The initial reasoning for the suspension was that a tweet had been reported to be in violation of the Guides & Best Practices that Twitter uses. Twitter has denied the rumor the account was suspended due to critical tweets regarding NBC's coverage. NBC is a corporate partner with Twitter to cover the games. Adams' account has been unsuspended.