Twitter Announces Expanded Tweets

Jul 02, 2012

Looking to enhance the interactive experience for users, Twitter announced the launch of Twitter cards on the company's blog. Twitter is looking to give "developers and publishers a way to tell richer stories on Twitter, directly within Tweets and drive traffic back to their sites." Twitter cards are a snap shot of a news article that gives a headline, the first few lines and a picture, along with a tweet.

Critics say this move is designed to gain control of Twitter's network while shutting out third party developers. Consumer product manager at Twitter, Michael Sippey, said in his blog post the company "will be introducing stricter guidelines around how the Twitter API is used," which might not be good news for third party developers.  The company insists Twitter cards will bring a new and engaging experience to Twitter and allow for more collaboration with developers, though tweets are already disappearing from some third party sites, like LinkedIn.