Twenty-four Companies and Organizations Support ISO MPEG REL

Apr 02, 2004

Twenty-four entertainment, consumer electronics, and technology companies and organizations have announced support for the MPEG REL digital rights management (DRM) standard established by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Agnostic Media, Inc., Content Directions, Inc., ContentGuard, Inc., Content Reference Forum, DMDsecure, EDItEUR, GiantSteps Media Technology Strategies, IFPI, Lydia, Inc., the Motion Picture Association of America, Microsoft, Navio, Inc., NTT, OverDrive, Inc., Ramp Rate, the Recording Industry Association of America, Rightscom, RightsLine, Inc., SAMSUNG Electronics Co., Ltd., SyncCast, TranTech, Inc., Universal Music Group, VeriSign, Inc. and Warner Bros. have all expressed their support for the rights language.  

ISO MPEG REL is an XML-based Rights Expression Language used to specify terms and conditions for the authorized distribution and use of any digital content. This language is intended for use not only in the entertainment industry, but also by enterprises and individuals to enable the authorized distribution and persistent protection of data and content in accordance with privacy and confidentiality requirements. Other technologies being standardized include metadata, asset identification and aspects of security, protection, and trust management.

The ISO MPEG REL standard is designed to: support a variety of business models in the digital content distribution value-chain independent of content type or industry; provide a flexible authorization model to describe what the consumer or user is permitted to do with the content; be independent of formats, products, security technology, or other DRM system components; enable automated multi-tier distribution of digital content while protecting the rights of the content owners and the interests of the users; and serve as a machine-readable language that can be used in conjunction with other industry standards, including those addressing Web services.

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