Tweddle Litho Selects XyEnterprise Content@ 3.0

Mar 04, 2003


Tweddle Litho Company, an outsource provider of authoring, information management, translation, and publishing services, has upgraded to Content@ 3.0, the latest version of XyEnterprise's XML, CM, and workflow software. Tweddle Litho Company is a supplier of automotive owners' literature, producing owner's manuals, maintenance schedules, service manuals, and other key documents for U.S., European, and Japanese automotive manufacturers. Tweddle originally selected XyEnterprise's content management application to manage the information needed to produce these manuals, including ongoing updates and translating the documents into as many as 30 languages. Tweddle also selected XyEnterprise's XML Professional Publisher (XPP) to produce both printed and electronic manuals from the same information source. Benefits of the new Content@ system include a simpler user interface and navigation window.

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