Turner Ad Lab to Operate in Collaboration with Business Partners Spanning Research, Advertising and Ad Tech

Jan 14, 2016

In an effort to refine the linear TV and digital video ad experience for both consumers and advertisers, Turner announced today Turner Ad Lab, a new joint initiative between the company and the industry. Turner Ad Lab will be led by an advisory board made up of representatives from industry trade organizations, research companies, ad tech start-ups and the advertising community. Turner Ad Lab will lead to better consumer experiences on all platforms, while strengthening advertising effectiveness for brands. The composition of the advisory board will be announced later this month.

Turner Ad Lab will operate out of Turner Research in close alignment with the company's ad sales organization, headed by president Donna Speciale. Turner Ad Lab will launch with three initial areas of focus: commercial pod structures, new advertising real estate and creative treatments and executions. The advisory board will be made up of a consortium of research and advertising experts who will help steer the various research initiatives and be responsible for oversight and approval of all projects. Members of the board will change annually, ensuring that Turner Ad Lab is constantly seeded with new ideas, technology, and innovation.

Turner Ad Lab studies will be conducted utilizing the Time Warner Media Lab, as well as facilities throughout the United States and non-lab methodologies.