Tubi Launches Content Personalization Engine

Dec 14, 2017

Tubi, a free streaming TV and movie network, launched its Content Personalization Engine to help solve the discovery problem associated with VOD. Tubi will leverage new Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning technology to program and personalize its VOD service, making it, according to Tubi, the only free streaming service (AVOD) with a personalization engine. In addition, Tubi has launched an onboarding process which is designed to fast-track a new user into a personalized experience to find content easier.

With more than 200 content partners that include Lionsgate, MGM, and Paramount, Tubi now offers more than 7,500 titles available every month. Through Tubi’s personalization engine, individual viewers’ preferences will now be automatically discovered to further recommend the entertainment content they want.  The more a viewer watches Tubi, the more accurate the recommendation becomes due to personalization run entirely by Tubi’s proprietary algorithms.

Tubi has raised $35 million to date, backed by strategic partners such as Lionsgate, MGM, and Stanford University. Funding has accelerated the growth and expansion of Tubi, including the development of new technologies such as machine learning.

Now available, the recommendation engine is built on seven years of technological development, using deep learning to process a massive dataset of user profiles, behaviors and content metadata, including third party data sources.  The onboarding process is live on iOS devices and will soon launch across multiple devices.