Tribune Media Services Signs Exclusive Agreement With Fandango

Jun 27, 2003

Tribune Media Services (TMS) Movie Products has partnered with Fandango, an online and phone ticketer to the movies as the exclusive sales representative offering Fandango's movie ticketing service to TMS customer Web sites. The agreement pairs Fandango's ticketing services with TMS' movie showtimes and film information. Fandango provides ticketing for nearly 70% of the online theaters in the U.S. TMS offers showtimes for more than 35,000 screens in the U.S., including all of the screens in the Fandango network. TMS will package the movie showtime products with Fandango's ticketing service to offer a complete sell-through transaction capability to electronic publishers including entertainment and newspaper Web sites. TMS movie clients include Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, Newsday, IMDb,, and many others. TMS Movie Products offers film and showtime data feeds, using information directly from film studios, movie exhibitors, and the media world to market a variety of print and online movie information products and services. TMS clients will have the option to include ticketing services for Fandango's current wired inventory of nearly 850 theaters and 10,000 screens. Fandango's exhibitor partners include seven North American exhibitors: Carmike Theatres, Century Theatres, Cinemark Theatres, Edwards Theatres, Loews-Cineplex Entertainment, Regal Cinemas and United Artists Theatres, among others.

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