Trapit Launches Publisher Suite

Apr 03, 2013

Trapit announced the launch of the Trapit Publisher Suite. Built on its intelligent, personalized discovery engine, the application enables publishers and brands to create experiences tailored to individual readers. Launching with Here Media's "Advocate Discovery" application, Trapit's technology helps publishers engage audiences by delivering the most relevant content for each reader from the publisher's network of publications, as well as topically relevant content from around the web.

The Trapit Publisher Suite is a solution, providing white label iOS and web applications that can be fully branded and controlled by the publisher. The application offers access to Trapit's pool of over 100,000 professionally curated sources. The Publisher Suite is also packaged with tools that automate and optimize content distribution and sharing across a number of different platforms, including apps, email, social and the web.

Here Media has piloted Trapit's Publisher Suite through the company's "Advocate Discovery" application, allowing them to optimize relevant content across multiple publications. This not only creates synergy among Here Media's publications, but also delivers highly relevant and quality content from other sources.