Trapit Launches Content Management System for its Social Selling Platform

May 03, 2016

Trapit, a platform for authentic social selling and employee advocacy, announced the launch of a proprietary CMS for its social selling platform. The CMS allows companies to upload, organize, manage, and publish assets for sales and marketing in addition to the expert third-party content that they rely on to engage potential customers. Recent studies have revealed that 78% of salespeople using social media perform better than their peers who have yet to make the leap. The new Trapit CMS streamlines social selling from end-to-end, and helps marketers and sellers leverage content for every stage of the buyer's journey.

The latest platform update also allows marketing and sales teams to work in closer alignment. Marketing teams using the Trapit CMS can provide sales teams with pre-approved messaging and content (both company-created and third-party), which sales reps and employees, in turn, can share with the right people at the right time. Sales reps and employees can incorporate digital assets into their conversations with customers via email, messaging platforms?,? and social networks.

The Trapit CMS supports a wide range of file types - from PDFs and audio files to images and videos. Users are able to organize content by topic, product, team, media type, and even customer stage. Analytics are included in the CMS as well, allowing customers to ??measure engagement and then create reports that sales reps and employees can share in aggregate, by team, by individual, and by network.

In addition, the Trapit content library has been expanded to include expert-vetted sources in both French and Spanish so marketers can curate and sales reps can share a blend of company-created and third-party content in multiple languages.