Trapit Expands Social Selling Platform with New Features for Social Listening, Marketing Platform Integration, and More

Dec 08, 2016

Trapit, a platform for authentic social selling and employee advocacy, announced a new set of tools that significantly enhance the capabilities of their social selling platform. The additions advance nearly every facet of the Trapit platform from social engagement to analytics and reporting. As a result, Trapit is extending its lead as the most robust, end-to-end social selling platform on the market.

The five key additions to the platform include options for social listening, allowing users to monitor Twitter and the web for up-to-the-minute information and social engagement concerning specific customer accounts; link tracking, allowing marketers to tag Trapit links with the same tracking parameters they use for other inbound links; scheduling queues, allowing users to easily spread out their social posts using an automated scheduling tool; recommended messaging, allowing customers’ administrators to recommend distinct messages for different social platforms; and, internal-only content, allowing administrators to choose whether individual content items being delivered to users will be socially sharable or read-only.

These features further enhance salespeople’s efforts to forge meaningful relationships with the many stakeholders responsible for today’s purchasing decisions.