Trapit Announces Account-Based Sales Offering for Social Selling Platform

Jun 23, 2016

Trapit, a platform for authentic social selling and employee advocacy, announced the launch of an all-new account-based sales offering for their social selling platform. The account-based sales package allows salespeople to create custom dashboards to track content relevant to target accounts including individual decision makers, products, trends, industries, policy, and more. Trapit's artificial intelligence (AI) is then able to surface relevant content--including social media updates, insights, trends, analysis and news from over 100,000 curated sources--that will help salespeople tailor their approach to the specific account they're targeting without any manual research.

Trapit's account-based sales package allows salespeople to automate the hours of research required to tailor their outreach to target accounts. By delivering a constant stream of intelligence on an account's strategic vision, or an individual decision maker's point of view on relevant issues, salespeople are no longer left scrambling to prepare for key meetings. Trapit acts as a dashboard of essential information on target accounts so that salespeople can identify more opportunities to engage in the right way, at the right time.

With Trapit's new features, sales reps have access to custom blends of content; artificial intelligence; account insights; industry trends and research; social listening; marketing-approved content; flexible organization; one-step publishing; individual analytics.