TrafficCaptain Adds New Tool for Publishers

Feb 28, 2013

TrafficCaptain has introduced the Genre-Oriented AdManager, which addresses a range of different target audiences. It is a self-optimizing tool, allowing publishers to select the game genre (e.g. social/casual, action, or complete games portfolio) that best reflects the specific target group. Requiring no additional effort from the publisher, the campaigns are continuously optimized for high conversion rates and maximum payout.

TrafficCaptain says using the Genre AdManager is hassle-free, and as easy to integrate as a standard banner ad. Established in 2012, TrafficCaptain is a young and growing company currently seeking 20 new employees for online sales and marketing. TrafficCaptain's games portfolio includes international titles in many different languages. Before a banner ad is delivered via the Genre AdManager, the user's country of origin is tracked. This ensures that campaigns will provide country-specific offers displayed in the correct language.