Traction Software Releases Traction Teampage 4.1

Mar 06, 2009

Traction Software, a developer of Enterprise 2.0 social software, announced the release of Traction TeamPage 4.1 and new plug-ins for content ratings and user activity metrics. TeamPage 4.1 allows users to analyze user activity and rate TeamPage blog posts, comments, or wiki pages to highlight and act on information. TeamPage 4.1 introduces a new document management interface so users can see what is going on in a Document Share Folder, signaling in real-time as documents are added, removed, and checked-in or out. This new interface incorporates the same AJAX technology used in Traction Software’s Live Blog micro-messaging plug-in. With the new Ratings plug-in, workspace owners can enable one of two different rating methods: The 5-Star method or the "Thumbs up" (or "vote to promote") method. TeamPage’s new Metrics plug-in generates reports to allow members and managers to track and assess Traction workspace activity. For each article, the Metrics plug-in shows who reads it and offers a link to the reader’s profile.