Traction Software Releases TeamPage 3.7

Sep 15, 2006


Traction Software, a developer of products for secure, scalable, web-based collaboration, has announced Traction TeamPage Release 3.7. New features added in this release include extensible widgets, edit history and rollback, inline sections, flexible outputs to any format, and upgraded mobile device support.

Features of Traction 3.7 include: the ability to allow users to create widgets that show, list, or link to internal and external web resources. TeamPage widgets can be inserted into any TeamPage blog post or page. Widgets include: inline sections to show lists of links or content driven by any Traction query; mashup style widgets to show text and graphics from any external source (e.g. a live weather report for any zip code); and live text widgets that turn a text pattern into an automatically live link.

Customers or partners can program Traction live text widgets to recognize invoice numbers and link to an ERP page, or recognize a customer code and show it as a customer name that automatically links to sales history in web-addressable CRM system; new designed views in Traction for users to select any set of content and export to the desired format; the ability for Traction to detect mobile devices and delivers a stripped down "skin" on the fly; Traction 3.7 adds Wikipedia style display of differences between any two page versions to support group editing, review, and one click roll-back functions; Release 3.7 gives users control of the email digest formatting and content to each user. Users can choose which projects to include in their digest, and how to format the digest content using inline sections; and server and project administrators can configure Front Page and Project Pages to display query driven sections, to show permission filtered lists of status reports, meeting notes, open issues, or any other content to readers.