Traction Software Announces TeamPage 3.6 and TeamPage Feed Reader 1.0

May 20, 2005

Traction Software Inc. has announced release 3.6 of Traction TeamPage, Traction Communicator, and its new Traction TeamPage Feed Reader. With help from its new partner, B-Spirit of Switzerland, Traction Software has also announced French language localization, in addition to English, German, and Japanese.

Traction's TeamPage Release 3.6 includes new features that focus on content management and security; all of the new features were requested by Traction's corporate and government customers. In addition to built in HTTPS and HTTPS with X.509 certificate support, Traction TeamPage Release 3.6 adds features for sending secure email from Traction and publishing secure email to Traction. Secure mail protocols supported by Traction include SMTPS, IMAPS, POP3S, and STARTTLS.

Traction TeamPage Release 3.6 also adds a new hybrid authentication capability, making it easier to setup authentication using multiple external LDAP or Active Directory services, as well as Traction's native directory. In cases where directory services change or move, Release 3.6 now supports migration between directories. On the user front, Release 3.6 includes directory-driven interactive email address completion when emailing content from Traction.

Traction's flexible, per-project, per-user permissions include many new options. Project administrators can now selectively enable comment and author by email permission, as well as normal article post permission. For users who are allowed to publish to a project but who should not be able to read or edit all content in that project, administrators can now selectively enable permissions to read, edit, or erase the content of their own posts. Self-service password recovery and restricted access to personal setup forms can now be specified on a per user basis.

For users who do not choose to install the Windows .NET Traction Instant Publisher client, Release 3.6 now includes the open source TinyMCE rich text editor for publishing new content, editing existing content, and commenting in-line using Internet Explorer on Windows, or Firefox and other modern browsers on a variety of operating systems. The rich text editor is also available for email out and email reply interfaces. Adaptations were made to TinyMCE, including the ability to drag and drop article references from Traction to the editor, and improvements were contributed back to the open source community.

Page changes are now instantly updated in place using AJAX techniques to avoid a distracting page reload. Also in Release 3.6, checkboxes for To-Do and Done labels have been added, which can be selected or de-selected without page refreshes.

The email interface now includes filters for select camera phones, which parse out unnecessary detail and publish the photos as visible attachments to the message.

TeamPage Feed Reader is a new product that can read RSS or Atom feeds and publish each post into a selected Traction TeamPage project. Each feed can be configured to automatically post attachments and copies of inline images and, on a rules-driven basis, automatically apply selected Traction labels to each incoming article. TeamPage Feed Reader supports authentication and TLS/SSL encrypted HTTPS syndication feeds, as well as public HTTP feeds. TeamPage Feed Reader requires Traction TeamPage Release 3.6 and is a separately priced product. Traction's Release 3.6 is a free upgrade for Traction Software customers who subscribe to Traction's annual maintenance plan.