TouchCR Says its Technology Doesn’t Need Cookies to Track Customers

Oct 03, 2017

TouchCR, provider of an e-commerce platform that empowers B2C companies to develop deep customer insights and market with relevance, unveiled how its next-generation smart tracking technology enables marketers to track, monitor, and analyze consumer behavior without relying on cookies. TouchCR’s technology supports consumer recognition – including device fingerprinting, identity reconciliation to CRM systems, and alternative data tracking. TouchCR’s smart tracking technology captures deep consumer behavior across multiple channels, empowering marketers to deploy personalized, micro-targeted marketing campaigns.

TouchCR says marketing platform was designed with the foresight that the ability to track consumers via cookies would soon become restricted. This foresight became a reality when Apple announced that its new mobile operating system, iOS 11, would restrict cookies and other data used by advertisers for cross-site tracking. As a result, users’ third-party cookies will now be erased after 24 hours, and first-party cookies will be deleted after 30 days of no activity.

TouchCR says its smart tracking technology enables marketers to develop a deep understanding of consumer behavior in real time. In addition to pulling local storage data from a users’ browser, TouchCR also leverages identity reconciliation technology and device fingerprinting to connect an individual to a particular device. With device fingerprinting, TouchCR is able to create a unique ID for an individual based on a significant number of data points pulled from the user’s browser. As more devices become known, TouchCR continuously updates user profiles to help marketers better manage their direct-to-consumer relationships.