Topsy Introduces Boolean Search Feature in Topsy Pro

Jul 23, 2013

Topsy, a social analytics platform for real-time discovery and marketing, launched a new feature in Topsy Pro that allows brands to find and reach in-market consumers on Twitter through real-time Boolean search. Brands will be able to identify people who are actively searching for products and services by location and target them with personalized content, offers, and relevant social ads.

Topsy Pro already gives users the ability to spot trends, track sentiment, and identify key influencers relevant to their business with keywords and phrases. Topsy's new Boolean search capability enables users to conduct a search with multiple keywords and Boolean operators, such as "AND" and "OR," and get results that indicate intent. For example, a car dealership in Los Angeles can search for "Toyota Camry" AND "I want" and then identify and reach out to local in-market consumers with a unique offer or an ad, or simply start up a conversation.