Topix Reboots Local News Site

Apr 03, 2007

Topix, a news community on the web, has unveiled a new site that gives its community of millions the power to find, report, and edit local news. As part of the launch, Topix also moved its domain to

Anyone can submit local news for any U.S. zip code to Topix through a web form on the website or from their cell phone. Participants can also become citizen editors, improving the news content on the pages they edit. These editors connect to a national network of local audiences with tools that combine reader contributions--both news tips and forum discussions--with Topix's locally categorized news from 50,000 traditional news and blog sources.

Topix will continue to use its algorithms to categorize news in 32,500 zip codes to give editors a springboard for finding and selecting news stories. More than one person can edit a page, but for towns and cities where the editors are not active, Topix automatically refreshes the page with the most relevant local news.