TopQuadrant & Smartlogic Partner

May 22, 2014

TopQuadrant, a semantic data integration company, and Smartlogic, content intelligence company, announced a partnership to integrate both parties' capabilities for linking structured and unstructured data. This strategic alliance will include technology exchange, joint product development and sales collaboration to provide a semantically enabled solution that unifies diverse information across the enterprise.

TopQuadrant's solutions integrate structured data while Smartlogic's solutions describe, extract and analyze information locked up in unstructured data. A combined solution lets customers treat their information as a whole so they can use their information assets in a unified, consistent manner.

Specifically,TopQuadrant's TopBraid Insight enables a virtual data warehouse in a fraction of the time it takes to build a traditional data mart, and the platform powers data governance and information exchange. Smartlogic's makes all the human intelligence locked up in content available for use.