TokBox Social Media Real-Time Communications Study Finds RTC “Gone Global”

Jul 25, 2017

TokBox, a real-time communications (RTC) company, announced its first Social Media RTC Study, which evaluated social media applications that use the OpenTok platform from October 2016 - May 2017.

“Given that we evaluated the use of video chat on social media applications, it’s not surprising that we see a primary usage of ‘communitainment,’ with a majority of users making video calls after work or school hours and on the weekends, ” said TokBox CEO Scott Lomond. “What did surprise us, however, was how global in nature the use of WebRTC has become on social media. Over a dozen countries represented in one video chat. Usage timelines that vary significantly by geographical region. There are clear indicators that WebRTC provides a unique platform to connect people around the world.”

Findings from the social media video chat study include:

One-to-One Communications

  • Video communications happened primarily on weekends and were short in duration (under one minute).
  • The top three geographies that are the most frequent users of social video calls (in number of one-on-one sessions per user) are North America, Oceania, and Western Europe. The least frequent users are from Southeast Asia, East Asia, and Eastern Europe.

One-to-Many Communications

  • A majority of one-to-many video calls, where one user streams video to many users, were made on the weekend.
  • The top three geographies for frequency of one-to-many calls include Central Asia, the Middle East, and India. The least frequent users are from Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, and South America.

Many-to-Many Communications

  • Group chat was most popular on Mondays.
  • The largest number of countries present on one call was 13.
  • The highest frequency users were found in the Middle East, Western Europe, and Africa, while the lowest three geographies using group chat were Oceania, East Asia, and Southeast Asia.