Today 65% of Enterprises Already Using Internet of Things

Jun 30, 2016

451 Research's inaugural "Voice of the Enterprise: Internet of Things" (IoT) quarterly study reveals that despite the relatively recent emergence of the term "IoT", 65% of respondent organizations currently collect data from equipment, devices, or other connected endpoints and use that data for a business purpose.

Datacenter IT Equipment (51%) is currently the most common source of IoT data, followed by camera/surveillance equipment (34%), datacenter facilities equipment (33%), and smartphones/end-user devices (29%). Industry plays a big role with 49% of manufacturing organizations gathering data from factory equipment and 49% of healthcare organizations gathering data from medical devices.

Business value derived from these deployments include reducing risk (66%) followed by optimizing operations (63%), developing new or enhance existing products or services (33%) and enhancing customer targeting (21%). This also varies by industry with manufacturing and utilities mostly focused on optimizing operations, while reducing risk is more critical for those in finance and public sector.

The volume of data being gathered and stored by these endpoints is immense. 451 Research breaks these types of data down into three major categories, machine sensing (data gathered from machines), biological sensing (data gathered from humans and animals), and environmental sensing (data gathered from the environment). Respondents noted that the majority of the data today is gathered from machines for business use (71.5%), while data gathered from humans and animals (8.5%) and the environment (20%) represents a smaller, but growing portion of the overall data.

Respondents were also asked about impediments to IoT deployments. A total of 46% said security concerns were an impediment while nearly a third cited lack of internal skillsets (32%). Lack of IT capacity (29%) and lack of perceived ROI/benefits (29%) were also cited.

Most organizations (61%) manage their IoT initiatives without the help of external consulting or professional services.