TimefireVR Invests in Ethereum

Jan 09, 2018

TimefireVR, Inc. announced investing in the cryptocurrency Ethereum as part of the Company’s shift in corporate focus towards strategic investments in cryptocurrency and potential acquisitions of blockchain technology businesses. Ethereum is a leading blockchain platform for Decentralized Applications (“DApps”) that run on a peer-to-peer network of computers instead of on one single computer or server.

Concurrent with the Company’s initial investment in Ethereum, TimefireVR is engaged in differing stages of evaluating, reviewing, and in one instance negotiating potential acquisitions in initial coin offerings, cryptocurrency mining, and blockchain software systems. Going forward, the company intends to consider other target acquisitions in the blockchain technology industry.

TimefireVR Inc. is an Arizona based technology company now focused on strategic investments in blockchain technology solutions, but previously developed virtual reality content, tools, and services.