Time Warner Cable Selects RealNetworks for Enhanced Road Runner Service

Jan 16, 2004


Time Warner Cable and RealNetworks, Inc. have announced that Time Warner Cable has licensed the Real 10 Media Delivery Platform and Helix media delivery software and application software to support Road Runner, Time Warner Cable's high-speed data service. Time Warner Cable will deploy Helix Universal Servers throughout their network in an effort to manage Time Warner Cable's Internet media and to deliver a large volume of quality streaming audio and video content to Road Runner high-speed data customers. RealNetworks' Real 10 platform, including the newly available RealAudio 10 and RealVideo 10, offer both performance and quality enhancements over previous Real compression technologies.

Earlier this week, Time Warner Cable announced enhancements to its Road Runner service including a new design with more personalization and localized content. An increased emphasis on streaming media will be supported by RealNetworks' technology. The enhanced Road Runner service is designed to provide a true broadband experience and the streaming media programming supported by the RealNetworks technology is a key part of the strategy to attract and retain Road Runner customers.

RealNetworks' Real 10 Media Delivery Platform and Helix Universal Server are designed to enable the efficient use of network capacity for delivery of all media types to consumers. Additional software from RealNetworks enables Time Warner Cable to manage content ingestion, encoding and media workflow, as well as media network monitoring and other back-end tasks. As part of the agreement, RealNetworks is providing professional services to integrate the Internet media solution with Road Runner's Web portal tools, as well as their network management infrastructure.

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