Time Inc. Extends Contract With Wam!Net Division Of Savvis

Sep 05, 2003


WAM!NET, a division of SAVVIS Communications, has announced that Time Inc., a division of AOL Time Warner, has renewed its contract with WAM!NET. Time uses WAM!NET's networking and data storage services to connect its magazine production workflows within a single collaborative, digital environment. Time Inc. publishes about 140 regular-frequency titles as well as special issues. Its publications include titles such as Time, Sports Illustrated, People, Fortune, and Money.

Time Inc. has been a WAM!NET customer since 1997, when the company started using WAM!NET services to connect their New York headquarters with ten U.S.-based printers to provide secure, remote access to nearly one terabyte of digital content used in their creative and production processes. Time Inc. has expanded its reach to include its offices in London, Hong Kong and Australia, and it uses WAM!NET's remote storage services for the management of its production advertising.

(http://www.savvis.net), (http://www.wamnet.com)