Time Inc. Buys HelloGiggles, in Talks to Buy XOJane

Oct 20, 2015

Zooey Deschanel's HelloGiggles is now part of Time Inc. The deal was announced in a post on the site. The post says, "Under Time Inc., HelloGiggles will continue to stand for the same mission we always have: to bring positive, empowering, smart, funny stories and videos to our readers and to support new female talent and give them a safe place to express themselves across the wilds of the internet." Time Inc. reportedly paid $30 million for the site.

Meanwhile, according to AdWeek, Time Inc. is close to purchasing Jane Pratt's XOJane (and its sister site, XOVain). The sites would join Time's other digital only brands, Mimi, The Snug, and The Drive (and, now, HelloGiggles). XOJane has been on the hunt for a new owner since Say Media sold it to concentrate on the technology side of its business.

(Time.com, xojane.com, hellogiggles.com)

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Last week we reported that Time Inc. had bought HelloGiggles and was thinking about buying xoJane and its sister site, xoVain. Now it is official: Time closed a deal with Say Media to buy the sites spearheaded by Jane Pratt. Terms have not been disclosed.